About Us

Why Choose Bounce Back?

  • Focus on Manual Therapy & not machines for long-term recovery.
  • Latest treatment modalities for speedy recuperation.
  • Combination of modern medicine with traditional pain-relieving therapies.
  • Diagnose and treat the root-cause of your health conditions.
  • One-on-one physical therapy.

Bounce Back Team

Dr. Megha Bhatnagar



Dr. Megha Bhatnagar has a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Science from Norwegian University. She has an enriching experience of 8+ years of working in various centers of national and international accreditation. She has done various certification courses in manual therapy like mulligan technique, nerve mobilization, soft tissue manipulation, osteopathy and chiropractic techniques, lower limb bio-mechanics and orthotic prescription. She believes in patient's every pain and their ability to bounce back to a pain-free life, if they are treated with the right methods and exercises at the right time. Everyone deserves a pain-free active lifestyle.

Dr. Richa



Dr. Richa holds a bachelors degree in Physiotherapy and has a flourishing clinical experience of eight years in this field. Dr. Richa has gained an enriched knowledge and works on aiming for orthopedic and sports injury rehabilitation as well as prevention of these conditions. She has now taken up a new venture and has started working as a Consultant Physiotherapist at Bounce Back - An advanced Sports n Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Clinic at Seawoods, Navi Mumbai.

Dr. Jinal A. Mamania



Dr. Jinal A. Mamania, a physiotherapist with 2+ years experience in handling the patients.Specialised in Musculoskeletal PT, she is well versed in treating patients with shoulder injuries, neck pain, back pain, ankle injuries, functional difficulties and much more. Along with her respective specialisation, she has also done workshops for-taping techniques, manual therapy.She has proven management skills and in-depth knowledge of her field.Has frequently been praised by the patients for her work, efforts and the results post therapeutic sessions.